Wedding Checklist For The Brides

From The Little Stuff To The Big Stuff

Yes, It's true! Brides need to get a lot more done than the grooms before & during the wedding. For most of us, wedding madness starts as soon as the date is fixed and here is our wedding planning checklist will guides you to manage your time and to-do list — ​right up until your big day and beyond. SminkUp & Team will guide you for some list of services which are essential for every bride. Not only services, here we are introducing respective vendors to save you time and get the quality work.

Should I wax before or get my nails done first? Can I not remove facial hair before my bridal makeup? If you also have 100 different questions on what and when you should do, this checklist will be your ultimate guide in helping prep for your big day!

Here are some tips from SminkUp!

5 months before the wedding

1. Start exercising: Morning yoga or even a 30 mins walk every day can bring big differences. It will help you manage your weight as well as regularize the hormones that cause acne, pimples, etc
2. Nutrition & Diet Plan: Eating good healthy food will make your gut happy! Start having more leafy greens, lean meats and fruits. They have a lot of nutrients and anti-oxidant properties that will transform your skin. Avoid oil junky foods with too much salt or sugar content. Homemade traditional foods should be the way to go. Nutrients like Vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids, Fibre, Folic Acid, Vitamin B3,B12 & Iron should be a part of your diet.
3. Don’t stress too much!: We know, easier said than done. Manage your stress with meditation, doing things that’ll bring you joy

3 months before the wedding

1. Plan: Prepare a mood board for everything, from flowers to makeup looks, and hairstyles, and put everything together. It will help you organize your thoughts and not search your entire gallery for a screenshot that you saved
2. Book your artist: 3 months is the ideal time to book your makeup artist. We at SminkUp will help you every step of the way in finalizing your makeup looks
3. Hair: Cut, color, trim, whatever it is, do your experimenting now.

2 months before the wedding

1. Fitness: Don’t stop your fitness routine now. Add more cardio to get the blood flowing. Keep yourself hydrated to prevent weakness and dizziness, not to mention the headaches
2. Teeth whitening: If you are planning to get teeth whitening done, now is the time. Go to a known dentist. Get a follow-up session of teeth clean-up to get your teeth looking like pearls

1 month before the wedding

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2 weeks to go:

1. Hair treatment: Be it keratin or dandruff, get your hair in a good shape
2. Trim: Shape & trim your hair. Remember, this will help you deciding the final outcome
3. Waxing: At times, waxing can cause redness, bumps or skin irritation. So do those early on.
4. Moisturize: Your skin needs intense hydration. Invest in a good moisturizer
5. Massage: Destress with a full body massage. This will help you relax

1 week to go:

1. Mani-Pedi: Get your manicure and pedicure. If you are planning to apply henna, do the nail polish after
2. Deep condition: Your hair needs extra conditioning. Do a hair mask, either at home or the salon
3. Reduce salt: To fight bloating, salt is a no no! Reduce your sodium intake
4. Eyebrows: Trim your eyebrows and upper lip. Go for a full-face cleanup too!
5. Body polishing: Exfoliate and tan removal to give you a shiny look
6. Mehendi: Get your Mehendi done based on your blouse sleeve size & theme of the wedding
7. Nail art: Get extensions & gel based nails to last a longer time. Make sure to get it after your mehendi.

The day before

1. Wash your hair: Wash your hair thoroughly. Nourish it with conditioner
2. Sleep: Get your 8 hours of beauty sleep
3. Hydrate: Make sure to drink lots of water

On the day of the wedding:

1. If you are fasting, hydrate yourself. Are you someone that is low on iron, have a proper breakfast. We can’t have a dizzy bride
2. Calm down: We know it is stressful. Try to calm your nerves by listening to songs
3. Let us do the magic: The SminkUp team will make you look like a princess on your big day! Don’t worry about anything.

That’s it, women. Enjoy the biggest day of your life